The team at Daybreak Games took to the PlanetSide 2 livestream today and have revealed that work has begun on a new continent – the island chain of Oshur.

Today, the team announced PlanetSide 2’s next continent: Oshur. Oshur will consist of multiple islands that will harbor a variety of biomes. The map will encourage a logistical style of play, and the land will best be traversed by aircraft.

The livestream revealed the four day old map, made with placeholder art, which is centered around a submerged Vanu artifact that the three factions of the world are attracted to (despite the lack of warpgates). The developers took the opportunity to move around the map showing off the irradiated water-warped foliage and heavy deposits of Auraxium in areas (creating infantry centric playspaces). So, lets watch shall we…

The map is expected to be around the same size as PlanetSide 2‘s Indar and while the biome shares more in common with PlanetSide 1‘s Cyssor than the original incarnations of the island chain, the news of a new continent coming to the massively multiplayer FPS is being optimistically received.

Source: Official Facebook

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