En Masse Entertainment has shared details about their plan to merge the servers for the PC version of TERA, to take place on Tuesday, September 18.

Mount Tyrannas and Fey Forest servers will merge into the new PvP server, Ascension Valley and Tempest Reach will merge into the new PvE server, and Celestial Hills will remain as a PvE RP server. En Masse will look to the community to help choose the final names for the new servers their characters will live on, and will announce details on how the community can vote on their preferred names soon.

En Masse will also open free character transfers between server types (PvE -> PvP/RP etc.) from September 4 – 17 but otherwise players won’t have to do anything ahead of the server merge – all character, guild, friends lists, etc. will be copied to the new server automatically.

Source: Press Release, Official FAQ

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