The latest weekly update from Cloud Imperium’s Lead Community Manager, Tyler Witkin, has been published for Star Citizen with recaps for CitizenCon 2948, the Mercury Star Runner and more.

We also recently revealed Crusader Industries latest ship, the Mercury Star Runner. Built with the same engineering and design principals that have made Crusader the go-to manufacturer for galactic transport on any scale, the star runner chassis sets new standards for data and cargo conveyance.

The update calls out the latest “Calling All Devs”, where the team talks about Star Citizen‘s Tessa Banister, ship alarms, and more in their latest player Q&A video. Lets watch, shall we…

Finally, the update continues with details on the Weekly Community Content Schedule, the Community MVP for Sept 4th and an Alpha 3.2 trailer from Trieye called Humble.

Source: Official Site

Andy "Zap-Robo" Barber

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