Niantic has announced a Pokémon GO beta program, for PokéStop nominations. This beta will allow Trainers to submit locations for possible inclusion in the game, giving players the opportunity to recommend interesting sites. Initially, the beta will be rolled out to players in Brazil and South Korea (the size of these countries, and their opportunity for development made them strong candidates with a high numbers of players relative to PokéStops).

In order to manage the inflow, nominations will initially be open to Trainers that have already reached Level 40. Over time, we may open nominations to more players, descending by level to prioritize players who have invested significant time and dedication in Pokémon GO or possibly expanding to Level 40 players in other countries. But as of this time, there’s still a lot to evaluate before any decisions to expand this program will be made.

We want these new PokéStops to be authentic and interesting, and we believe our players have a unique sense of what makes a great PokéStop. So, Trainers who submit a nomination will be able to take photos of the surrounding area to provide us with more information.

Nominations will be assessed for eligibility, and approved by experienced Operation Portal Recon (OPR) users who have been educated on Niantic’s approval requirements. However, approved locations are only eligible to appear in-game, and does not t necessarily mean it will appear in Pokémon GO.

Source: Official Site

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