Today, Lord of the Rings Online publisher Daybreak Games announced a new feature to the long-running MMO: a Legendary server.  Starting in November, the LotRO Legendary server will offer a classic experience to VIP members of the game, allowing them to focus on the original Shadows of Angmar content.  Unlike a true classic server, Daybreak bills this as ‘much more than vanilla’, stating that many of the game’s bugfixes, UI/UX improvements, and additions over the years such as newer classes like Rune-Keeper, Warden, and Beorning and races such as High Elf will be available.

For those familiar with Daybreak’s Timelocked Progression servers available for both EverQuest and EverQuest II, it’s a similar concept.  The Legendary server will be available to VIP/Lifetime VIP members only in the same game client to select alongside the current game’s servers.  Much like the newer EQ progression servers, the LotRO Legendary server will automatically update to new content approximately every four months, launching in November with the original level 50 Shadows of Angmar content and then moving on from there.  As each new piece of content unlocks, the associated level cap will increase as well.

Key details of how this will work:

  • No transferring to/from the server (including shared storage/wardrobe/premium wallet), everyone starts fresh.  They reserve the right to allow transfers off once the Legendary server catches up to live servers.
  • Account-wide unlocked items and store purchases will be available to both Legendary and live servers.
  • Festivals/anniversary events will be nearly the same as in live, only exceptions being the few quests/items above content/level cap.
  • No PvMP at launch, skirmishes/instances limited to the content/level cap.
  • Ironically, no legendary weapons until Mines of Moria content unlocks.
  • Valar character boosts unavailable until future content unlocks past the levels in the boosts.
  • No separate EU server, French and German players will use their localized client as they do now.
  • Expansion/quest pack purchases will carry over to the Legendary server once it reaches those areas.
  • No effect/impact on the current live servers.

Based on the description, it must be noted that this isn’t a classic or vanilla server.  Standing Stone Games is making no effort to launch a server that is precisely the same as the game would have been in 2007, unlike other companies doing classic game experiences. They want the modern game experience but with the original content.  Check out the trailer and link below for more official information, including the full FAQ.  Two things that aren’t quite clear from the FAQ is whether there will be more than one server and the actual launch date of the project.  If it’s like how they do TLP servers for the EQ games, they might start with one to see how it goes and then progress from there as the first one passes through the launch content and if players want another Legendary server.


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