Cloud Imperium Games’ Chris Roberts has taken to the Star Citizen website (this weekend just gone) to share the groundbreaking news of the crowdfunded title having reached a total of $200mil USD raised for it’s development, and to thank their myriad of backers.

As well as this, Roberts took the opportunity to announce an anniversary event which includes the opportunity for all-comers to test out the work-in-progress title.

This week marks the start of our 2948 Anniversary Event, which celebrates the end of the original crowdfunding campaign back in November 2012. This year we are particularly excited by our Free Fly event where we are opening the opportunity to try out the 80 flyable ships and vehicles in game.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.3.5, which brings a lot more content, including the planet of Hurston, it’s moons and the major landing zone Lorville, is currently in PTU and should be Live in the next few days.

The title has been oft-considered controversial, for the amount of time taken and money raised via repeated sales of items (some of which did not exist in a playable state) for a title that has yet to produce it’s final product. Despite that, Roberts’ tone remains optimistic and claims “as we close out this year, I look at the technology we must complete to achieve the vision and realize we are nearer to the end than the start.”

Source: Official Site

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