Daybreak celebrated the 6th year of their MMO shooter PlanetSide 2 today with an anniversary livestream that was also used to announce a new mercenary faction – Nanite Systems Operatives.

Nanite Systems is finally ready to unveil its line of remote-infantry combat units, called Nanite Systems Operatives, which will be available for use by each faction on a contractual basis.

Each time an Operative enters a new zone or continent, they will be put on assignment for the empire that has the least number of soldiers on the field. This will help ensure that populations will be more balanced in battle.

For those that missed the announcement, Daybreak have been so kind as to share a short clip from the livestream that shows off the new feature. Lets watch, shall we…

The video reveals that these robotic NS Operatives will be for members only, and will only have access to common pool weapons. Operatives will auto join the lowest population faction (and display appropriate colors on their metal bodies) every time they enter a new continent – as a new mechanic to assist with player faction balance.

They are now available on the Public Test Server, with scheduled playtests (and rewards for participation) to reportedly occur soon.

Source: Official Site, Character Models

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