ArenaNet has announced that from tomorrow, November 27, Guild Wars 2 players can “strap in and rev up” their roller beetle mounts in a head-to-head race over five unique racetracks located across Tyria. The Roller Beetle Racing public quests will be available to all Guild Wars 2 players.

On top of this, to promote the new feature, ArenaNet is offering a month-long sweepstakes for players who take part in Roller Beetle Racing with a top prize of a new car (fittingly, a custom wrapped Volkswagen Beetle).

ArenaNet is launching a month-long sweepstakes for players who partake in Roller Beetle Racing, featuring a custom-wrapped roller beetle “Type RBR” car as a grand prize. To participate, players simply need to opt-in to email communication and enter one roller beetle race during the sweepstakes period, which ends on December 24. Each week, joining a race automatically enters the player into a drawing for great weekly prizes as well as the grand prize once the sweepstakes concludes. Weekly prizes include a complete Razer PC package, which contains a Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard, Kraken Tournament Edition headset, Naga Trinity mouse and Goliathus Extended Chroma mouse mat; an Alienware Aurora PC and monitor; a vacation to San Diego featuring a sand dune buggy excursion; and a home theater entertainment system.

Not enough for you to be jumping ingame to start your insectoid engines? Then how about a video to help rev your engine (sorry, not sorry, for the racing puns)? Lets watch, shall we…

The roller beetle mount was added to Guild Wars 2 in June’s Living World Episode 3, Long Live the Lich and to help players get up to speed (you can’t stop me doing these now!), Episode 3 will be free to all players until January 7, 2019.

Source: Press Release, Official Site

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