Heroic Games has revealed the details of another new powerset for Ship of Heroes, entitled Restorative Nanites (a powerful teaming set with half of the powers dedicated to AoE’s), in a new video.

Restorative Nanites is the eighth full powerset we’ve shown so far, and the first one we’ve made entirely with the PopcornFX technology.  Since it’s a healing and buffing powerset, there are no enemies being defeated, and the visual FX should not be as dramatic as they would for an offensive powerset, but they still need to look good.  We’ll let all of you decide how close to the mark we’ve come.  This is also the first powerset that we’ve shown aboard the FHS Justice, with our new day/night cycle lighting in place.

The article also shares that Heroic Games has a new feature for FX which has “connected the intensity of the FX with day/night cycle”. The video was recorded using late afternoon lighting, but power FX will now adjust to the day/night cycle. Without further ado, lets watch that video shall we…

The video shows the character “Nicky Nanite” demonstrating the powers (who is also wearing one version of a new female costume). For the purposes of this video Heroic Games also shows characters in a state of near-death or energy exhaustion so that the effect of the powers are visible (though numbers and stat effects “should be taken as illustrative”).

Source: Official Site

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