The team at Enplex Games is preparing to launch into alpha testing for Population Zero and to “pave the way” those crowdfunded backers at the Commander level will be able to take part in the final pre-alpha gameplay session (starting February 23rd). Once that last pre-alpha session completes, Enplex will be working on a larger update that will bring Population Zero to its alpha phase of development, once completed.

For those with no current access, there are new articles on the official site that detail the jungle biome (the second such that players will encounter) as well as details on a pair of symbiotic creatures – the Sahrim and Kso.

Wild forests, marvelous alien plants, and creatures await you in the depths of the Kepler’s jungle. The trees grow high up into the sky granting new locations to discover – that’s right, in the jungles you will be able to walk not only the ground but those natural wooden paths which covers the whole biome.

Backers at the Commander level will also be rewarded a legacy version of the Colonist Suit, in addition to the other in-game items already contained in the special pack. Commander Packs are currently available for $80 (or your regional equivalent), with the legacy suit only being awarded for purchases prior to February 28th.

Source: Press Release, Official Site

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