Standing Stone Games is celebrating the 13th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons Online with a three-week event quest, thirteen weeks of a giveaway, and a livestream.  They have also announced the name and basic information about their next expansion due later this year, Masterminds of Sharn.  The anniversary event includes a single quest involving kobolds and an Evil Overlord that players have to find and defeat.  The fun part of this quest includes breaking the fourth wall in a serious way and having players optionally find and defeat four SSG devs, including an avatar of game Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini.  While the quest isn’t exactly solo + hirelings-friendly on-level, the currency one accrues for completing it can be traded for rewards on the vendor that include things like the Ban Hammer, various kinds of Forum Posts, and other such community related in-jokes and items named after devs.

Tied in with the anniversary event is a 12-hour livestream hosted by Community Manager Jerry ‘Cordovan’ Snook, featuring visits to each server to spawn random mobs and drop in-game pets and other goodies for players, as well as dev interviews such as one with Severlin.  The stream should be available in VOD form later on  On the stream itself, Cordovan revealed the nature of the 13-week freebies mentioned on the anniversary site.  Every week from 2/28 for 13 weeks, there will be a code generated which grants a player a piece of 13-year cake.  The cake is one per account and can be converted into a cosmetic cloak.  Each cloak has art on the back featuring logos of the various Dragonmarked houses.  Cordovan previewed all 13 of them on the livestream, so check the VOD to preview the designs before you redeem the cake, although the basic symbols are also available to check out on the DDO Wiki under each House’s entry.  The codes for the pieces of cake will expire on December 31st, 2019, so players will have plenty of time to play DDO’s version of ‘Cloak-emon’.

During the interview with Severlin, they revealed that there will be one raid released with Sharn, and one released after the launch.  Unsurprisingly, they did not reveal the price points, timeframe beyond ‘March’ for the presale, release dates, or in-game items to be included with the various price points.  However,  Severlin did say that they do intend fixes to true reincarnation so that experienced players wouldn’t necessarily have to repeat the starting experience in Klorthos if they didn’t want to, perhaps something as simple as a level range adjustment or to allow players to go through a lower-level version of other areas instead.  He also added later that they were looking at some fixes and finetuning of repear.

[UPDATE:]  On the livestream, Amanda ‘Tolero’ Grow announced that the middle (Collector’s) and highest (Ultimate) tiers of the Masterminds of Sharn expansion will have an extra character slot to go with the inclusion of the Tiefling race.

You can review the anniversary event details or the current details known about Masterminds of Sharn on these linked articles, and those websites will be updated as new information comes up, so check back on them later.  Severlin did not announce when his new Producer’s Letter was coming, although he and Cordovan did say the ubiquitous ‘soon’.


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