Today, Citadel Studios announced the official launch date of Legends of Aria, a game we’ve covered in the past.  It’s due to release in early access on Steam on August 6th.  Billed as a true sandbox in the spirit of Ultima Online or EVE Online, Legends of Aria can be added to one’s Steam wishlist.  The team at Citadel Studios is expecting a bit of a landrush for new players to acquire highly-desirable housing plots.  They’ve crafted a world that recognizes the differing goals and gameplay styles that allow for both an open-world PVP and also a PVE environment.  They’ve also added the Bard as a new playable skillset, said CEO Derek Brinkmann in their press release, adding there were also new armor sets to make crafters more important.  There will be a Fresh Start Server at launch so that players who join it are on an equal footing, with an optional premium subscription and cosmetics available in their in-game store.

For a full list of features, go to for details.  For now, please enjoy the launch trailer.

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