Brunson E&A has announced that their MMO Astellia is set to launch on Steam on January 30th. Promising no pay to win mechanics, the game features a civilization of heroes who can call upon Astells to help protect their land. Previously a standalone title, Astellia is positioning itself as a game that wants to go back to the roots of the MMO genre, focusing on dungeon crawling and optional PVP experience that they’re promoting as ‘griefless’. The game will feature the staple holy trinity of tank, healer, and DPS but also offer players the means to customize their character.  They are also looking for content creators to join their Creator Program.

While the MMO will launch on Steam on the 30th, players can join in the fun of the standalone version now, which just released a content patch earlier this week. Players joining with the Steam launch will be able to participate in the January events such as the Dogavi Crescent event dungeon and try to tackle a 12-person giant spider boss to acquire a legendary treasure.  You can find out more information about this new MMO and its storied history as a standalone game on

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