Big-time raiders aren’t the only ones who get world firsts.  We here at MMO Central are pleased to bring you a world first, an exclusive interview with Lord of the Rings Online‘s head of Quality Assurance and also the reigning game composer, Bill ‘Darth Celtics’ Champagne.  We discussed a number of topics from both his spheres of influence in the game, so here’s the video of that interview, recorded at Standing Stone Games during PAX East.

Highlights include:

  • Tenure at Turbine/SSG
  • How he got into music at the company and in general
  • Bugs they choose not to fix
  • Bugs that have proven elusive to track down
  • Musical influences
  • Tools used in composing
  • Favorite composition
  • News on upcoming content

Many thanks to the folks at Standing Stone Games and Bill Champagne himself for the interview!

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