Get the Gear You Want: SWTOR Details Upcoming Itemization Overhaul

In perhaps the most detailed livestream they’ve done in quite some time, Star Wars the Old Republic’s team came out swinging on their massive itemization overhaul due to go live with their next expansion in September.  This overhaul, entitled Spoils of War, is not to be confused with Game Update 2.8 of the same name from 2014.  The title is apt, as the BioWare Austin team laid out the basics of their plan to overhaul gear going forward, and also reaching into the past.  

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SWTOR Announces Seventh Expansion: Onslaught

After the recap of this upcoming content, the team then did the big reveal. SWTOR’s 6.0 iteration is an expansion entitled Onslaught, and the basic story continues increasing the war between Republic and Empire, picking up where the Jedi Under Siege update left off. Players as the Alliance Commander built up during the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion will get to choose which faction to help.

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[PAX East 2019] Here Be Dragons: Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr

We met with the folks at Bethesda’s subsidiary Zenimax at their unabashed wingding at PAX East in Boston at the tail end of March. Last year’s event merely took over the comedy club in the Westin hotel lobby. This year, they took that and the adjacent Irish pub and restaurant for an even bigger experience. We had a chance to sit down Creative Director Rich Lambert to discuss what was coming in Elsweyr and even have a go playing their upcoming class, the Necromancer.

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