[PAX East 2018] A Side Quest into Hearthstone

While card games aren’t normally within our oeuvre here at MMO Central, we don’t like to say no when companies such as Blizzard offer us interviews with folks like Ben Brode, the larger-than-life Game Director for Hearthstone. He was at PAX East to promote their current expansion to the four-year-old card game, Witchwood.

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[PAX East 2018] Ashes of Creation Interview and Panel

PAX East had a larger than expected MMO turnout this year. While there were a handful of newer MMOs that also had booths on the show floor, none of them had as much real estate and presence as Ashes of Creation. The Intrepid Studios game is still in alpha, having completed one of the most successful gaming Kickstarters in recent history.

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[PAX East 2018] Interviewing LotRO’s Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini

Visiting a game studio is always a special occasion, whether it be as press or as a player, and getting to visit the PAX East-adjacent Standing Stone Games is no exception. Thanks to the team there, I was able to sit down with the Executive Producer, Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini, to conduct an interview regarding Lord of the Rings Online, one of the two games currently run by SSG.

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