Frontier has announced that Elite: Dangerous will see the launch of its first expansion season, named Horizons, coming in time for the 2015 holidays. The announcement comes less than a year after the game’s official launch in December of 2014, heralding what appears to be a yearly expansion cycle for the popular space simulator.

The content and features are done in seasons, with the current game being essentially the first season. Elite Dangerous: Horizons will be the second season, so if you purchase that you get all the content and features for that season. There will then be other seasons which have different content and features – although as we’ve only just announced the next season they’re a bit far away to talk about! – Michael Brookes, Executive Producer

The Horizons expansion season will include several major content patches to be introduced over the course of the year following its release, the first of which will add non-atmospheric planetary landings to the game’s universe. Although planets featuring atmospheres and life will not be making an appearance until an expansion season later down the line, the non-atmospheric gameplay announced for the Horizons expansion still appears to offer a great deal of content.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons launches with the eagerly-awaited planetary landings on countless 1:1 scale worlds.
Map uncharted worlds, dogfight in canyons, discover items and events you’ll only find on world surfaces.
Embark on surface expeditions in all-terrain Surface Roving Vehicles (SRVs).
Feel the subtle changes to the flight model when affected by gravity.
Attack and defend bases from ground or above.
Both above and on the ground in Wings, and participate in Powerplay and story events in unique ways. All expanding the depth of the galaxy.

The team at Frontier has also teased the second content patch coming in the Horizons season, which will include an all new loot and crafting system.

We’re beginning with airless, rocky worlds – places where a great deal of new gameplay can take place. These are planet-sized sandbox environments, with all sorts of things to discover hidden on them. You’ll find surface starports, crashed ships, mineral deposits, hidden bases and more. – David Braben, CEO


Players new to the game will be able to purchase Elite: Dangerous Horizons for $60 USD – a package that includes the base game -, while current players will be offered a 25% loyalty discount to upgrade their existing accounts, bringing the total down to $45 USD (alpha backers, premium beta backers, and player who own a lifetime expansion pass will get access to Horizons and all future expansion seasons at no cost).


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