I have to say I’m loving the addition of augmented reality to MMO’s – mixing the fantasy and the real world adds another level experiences, where I’ve had nothing but good memories and met new friends from playing Pokemon Go. I’ve been excited to see what would follow and have discovered Maguss, in development from a studio of the same name out of Denmark.

The game takes a page from the world of Harry Potter – that magic is real and mystical creatures are roaming the world to fight. On top of this, you can either challenge other players or work with them both in fights and in the potion crafting system.

Spells are used by drawing a magical sigil, which has allowed Maguss to crowdfund and develop a bluetooth wand which can be used in lieu of drawing the sigil on your phone’s screen.

That said, a picture is worth a thousand words so lets watch a trailer shall we…

This game looks so amazing and is set to add in a level of crafting that you can share more than combat with other players. As you play you grow and learn new things, being able to trade and share is a great way to add more of that teamwork and community spirit into the mix. Maguss will allow you to play in home or out in the world, so you can enjoy it without weather restriction!

Currently in closed Alpha, the title is set to move to closed beta this summer for iOS and Android and backing via their crowdfunding campaign can guarantee early access.

Source: Official Site


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