It’s that magical time of year where, with love in the air, the events begin to flow from our favorite MMO’s. Of course, the question becomes which event will steal your heart (and your playtime) so, in order to narrow your affections I’ve rounded up a few here.

Chronicles of Elyria are offering some time limited items in their online store until February 19th, from a Cottage for Two to the “Deviant Package”. ( Details )

For Pokémon GO, Chansey and Luvdisc will be looking for love around the world until February 15th, as well as granting triple Stardust when they are captured. ( Details )

Within Blade and Soul, NCSOFT have brought back the Blade and Soulmate event with new items, new cosmetics, and a brand-new Valentine’s Day Massacre event. ( Details )

Keeping with NCSOFT, the team at WildStar have shared some Valentines Postcards on Facebook that are so fun, along with brining back some of their Valentine’s themed items to the in-game store like the Loveboard Hoverboard and the Li’l Snuggles Pet. ( Details )

In Vindictus Online, the traditional fishing event is back, with three titles, chocolates granting powerful buffs and a special Head Gear item up for grabs as well as some popular Valentine’s themed items. ( Details )

For DC Universe Online, the Love Conquers All event for 2018 comes with new Base Items, Feats and Styles – The Star Sapphires are again making an effort to rekindle the love lost in Gotham City. Mister Freeze knows what the Zamaron crystals are capable of and has hatched a plan to bring his wife Nora back by integrating their crystals into his cryogenic technology. ( Details )

And for those dinosaur-riding cowboys among you, Dinostorm is offering you the chance to Adopt a Baby Ankylosaur in exchange for event items, from February 14 to 22. ( Details )


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