After a 2 year wait of begging and some small degree of impatience on the part of the players, Niantic will be bringing trading to Pokémon GO, and a little bit more – with the news that as each trainer will also get a trainer code and be able to start a friends list. As part of the new Friends list system, when spinning Pokéstops there will now be a chance at a special gift which cannot be opened by you but you can send it to a friend and it will give them special items.

Inside the Gift will be a stash of helpful items, which your friend will receive along with a postcard showing where you picked up your Gift. Gifts can also include a special surprise: an Egg that, when hatched, will contain an Alolan form of a Pokémon originally discovered in the Kanto region!

The more you raid or play with a friend the higher your friendship level is, as your level grows it unlocks bonuses for playing and giving you an edge in raid battles with an increase attack bonus.

You can also build your Friendship Level by trading Pokémon with a friend. If you’re near a friend and have a Trainer Level of 10 or higher, you can trade Pokémon you’ve caught with that friend. Completing a trade earns a bonus Candy for the Pokémon you’ve traded away, and that bonus can increase if the Pokémon you traded were caught in locations far apart from each other! All trades are powered by Stardust, and some trades require more Stardust than others. As you build your Friendship Level with the friend you are trading with, you’ll find that you can complete the trade with much less Stardust.

I’ve already seen some arguing about the cost of stardust being 40,000 but they could have monetized this feature and people would have still paid. There are star pieces in the game that double your stardust for a half hour, just get out and have fun! This will allow you to trade shiny and legendary Pokémon but only with higher level friends and cost more stardust. Again it’s worth it to get these special Pokémon if you missed out on something.

That being said, I have a few Heracross from a trip to Disney…

Pokemon GO Trading Heracross

Source: Niantic


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