With Neverwinter bringing the Ravenloft update to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we have once more teamed up with our friends at Perfect World and Cryptic Studios to bring you the chance for a fresh mount to your stables – a pair of new creations from Suratuk of Calimport…

Suratuk’s Fire Fawn and Suratuk’s Banded Fawn Mount. Each grant +50% Movement Speed and have slots for Illuminated & Universal Insignias. Behold, in all their majesty…

Neverwinter Fawn Giveaway 2

Suratuk’s latest custom mounts are on offer in limited quantities! Banded with ghostly white and blood-red markings or tinged with intimidating flames, these fawn mounts will strike fear into the hearts of Barovia’s monsters…or at least look great while it is bounding through the hordes of Ravenloft.

These limited edition mounts will be given out on a raffle basis – there are 10 codes available for each console – and you have until Monday 8th October to enter for the drawing below. Codes are functional for the designated console only – Banded Fawn for PS4 (US Only), Fire Fawn for Xbox One. Winners will be automatically notified with their key and redemption instructions.


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