The team at Tokyo-based Aiming Inc has announced that Caravan Stories, their free-to-play, anime-inspired MMORPG (with more than 2 million players in Japan), will be launching on PlayStation 4 in North America. The title is scheduled to enter into “open beta” on July 16 and have it’s official launch on July 23 of this year.

Thousands of stories are waiting to be told in Iyarr, a vast world of unbridled beauty and unexpected danger. Players can choose from four playable races to start and can unlock an additional race through playing the game. A sixth race will be added soon after launch. See a world filled with mysterious cities, elegant forests, and imposing canyons. Along the way players will befriend non-player characters, growing the fellowship by recruiting them and taming monsters.

For those unfamiliar with the Japanese title (which will will support both English subtitles and Japanese audio), the team has released an official North American trailer to get us all a little onboard with the world of Iyarr. Lets watch, shall we…

For those wanting to know more the official site below should be your first stop, or if you are planning to attend RTX in Austin, TX (July 5 -7), then Caravan Stories will be present in booth #405 for your enlightenment.

Source: Press Release, Official Site


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