The team at Nexon announced the introduction of two new classes (one to MapleStory and the other to MapleStory 2) last weekend, when around 500 fans came together at the second annual MapleStory Fest in Downtown Los Angeles.

During this event, MapleStory celebrated its 14th anniversary with developers sharing their favorite memories and thanking players for their support. Fans also learned about the upcoming jam-packed summer of updates starting on June 12th, including Pathfinder, the first new character [class] to be released after the Black Mage update.

On May 30th, MapleStory 2 players will also get a new class: Striker, a fearless master of combat who can defeat any enemy with bare-handed martial arts. Alongside the new class comes Eye of Lapenta, which will introduce exciting new storylines, new dungeons and amazing ascendent gear.

The announcement for MapleStory 2 also shared that it’s summer update will raise the level cap to 70 and activate Rank 2 skills for all jobs.

Source: Press Release


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