Revelation Online has announced the release of the Heaven and Earth update on May 27th, which will bring with it a new dungeon called the “Temple of the Twelve”. A new dev blog from the NetEase team has revealed more information on the dungeon including what requirements are needed, the bosses you may face and the rewards you can earn.

The 12 Zodiac Bosses can be challenged from level 59 onwards, meaning you can get started early in your quest to beat them. (Or to gain Battle Companions and items!) You will not be put against a level 79 boss if you are not level 79, the dungeon scales to level. Get your party together for some awesome encounters. This raid is specifically for a 5-person party! Once inside, speak to the Spirit Minister in each hall. This NPC will allow you to fight the bosses. The bosses you face will be at random, so you will never know who you’re about to fight!

Heaven and Earth is slated to include “a large amount of new features and content for players of all aspects” among which will be the new dungeon, Battle Companions and a new central hub UI.

Source: Official Site, Update Site


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