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Andy “Zap-Robo” Barber

Founder, Editor in Chief

Hailing from the British Isles, Andy is now a resident of Ohio, USA where he rests comfortably with his wife, two dog and son. Previously best known for the operation of the WildStar Central fansite, he has taken his passion for the MMO genre (beginning with Earth and Beyond) to the next level in founding MMOC. Once, in exceedingly rare moments you can find him posting on his personal blog, but you’re more likely to find him in whatever RPG takes his fancy of the moment.

  • Socializer 100%
  • Explorer 73%
  • Killer 53%
  • Achiever 40%

Jean “Druidsfire” Prior

Founder, Editor of Shenanigans

Jean has been gaming since the day her family acquired a Commodore Vic20 and we all thought an 8K RAM cartridge expansion was pretty neat (and programmed onto cassette tapes, true story). She got into MMOs in 2006 due to needing to do ‘research’ to write an authentic-sounding song parody involving World of Warcraft… and then they announced the Draenei and Blood Elves. She hasn’t left MMOs since. She really needs to update her personal website but is too busy working on her EverQuest Next history project in what amounts to her spare time.

  • Socializer 53%
  • Explorer 100%
  • Killer 0%
  • Achiever 53%

Heather “gentlestar” Barber

Founder, Staff Writer

A proud mother raising her spawn in the ways of gaming located in Ohio, Heather likes playing MMO’s for the sheer for the fun of it and disdains anything that feels like a second job. You can often find her stopping to admire the scenery, before jumping down the throat of whatever mob she’s enjoying decimating next!

  • Socializer 13%
  • Explorer 53%
  • Killer 73%
  • Achiever 60%

James “Anhrez” Burke-Frazier

Founder, Staff Writer

James Burke-Frazier, or Anhrez to his frenemies and enemies alike on Auction Houses across the MMO spectrum, has been actively playing and talking about games for the last 10+ years. Accumulating wealth in games is as much of a passion for him as clearing a raid boss or gaining a fancy title in PvP. In the real world he works in Financial Services software (think Bob from Office Space) and is quite possibly the worst FPS player you’ll ever find.

  • Socializer 53%
  • Explorer 100%
  • Killer 13%
  • Achiever 93%

Rob “Durus” O’Meara

Founder, Staff Writer

Father, Geek, Artist, Storyteller, and Gamer. But wait, there’s more. Rob is also involved in various online gaming communities, a sometime Twitch.tv streamer, and a podcaster.

Gaming is a gift. Simple learning and storytelling exercises he enjoyed as a child ignited a creative spark that has given way to a passion for gaming and community throughout his life. When the text adventure games loaded from cassette on the TRaSh-80 Color Computer were eclipsed by this wonderful new thing called an “online role-playing game,” he was hooked. Rob has been involved in most MMO titles since the pre-release days of Meridian 59.

  • Socializer 93%
  • Explorer 60%
  • Killer 33%
  • Achiever 13%

Russel “Datix” Pepper

Founder, Staff Writer

Russel cut his teeth on the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System in the real greatest decade (the 80s) and never looked back. Starting his writing career as a freelance writer for Dreamcast.net, he continued on to cover the games industry for his college newspaper. In 2006, Russel dropped into Azeroth as a grizzled old human warlock, and his love of MMOs took off. Former host of the Mission: Nexus Podcast covering WildStar, he continues to talk about, write about and consume every game he can get his hands on.

  • Socializer 40%
  • Explorer 73%
  • Killer 7%
  • Achiever 80%

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