[PAX East 2020] Azeroth Reborn: Nostalgia Trips at PAX

Nostalgia can be a heady thing. It’s also currently trendy, with two primary camps of opinions on the matter. There are those who honestly believe you can never go home again and that dipping too deep into nostalgia is a bad thing, often because it blinds people to the cool stuff already around them or prevents them from looking to the future and making progress

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[PAX East 2020] Exclusive Interview with LotRO Composer Bill Champagne

Big-time raiders aren’t the only ones who get world firsts.  We here at MMO Central are pleased to bring you a world first, an exclusive interview with Lord of the Rings Online’s head of Quality Assurance and also the reigning game composer, Bill ‘Darth Celtics’ Champagne.  We discussed a number of topics from both his spheres of influence in the game, so here’s the video of that interview, recorded at Standing Stone Games during PAX East.

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[PAX East 2020] Interview with SSG Executive Producer Rob Ciccolini

With PAX East being in Boston, it’s natural for us to reach out to the resident MMO studio in the neighborhood every year, especially in light of the recent announcements made at their player meetup last week.  We sat down with Standing Stone Games’ Executive Producer Rob ‘Severlin’ Ciccolini to ask questions about the state of both MMOs being developed by his studio, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Lord of the Rings Online, and to gather more details on the big ticket items announced at the Adventure Pub. 

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